Appraisal Fees

We appraise all of your items in front of you, while you wait, with a confirmed appointment.
One item - $75
Two items - $120
After the second item, each additional item - $50 each
For five or more items, a per hour fee of $120 is suggested and an estimated fee is proposed.
Stone ID and verbal pricing: $120 per hour, $50 minimum fee .

Specialty items - will be assessed using a per hour fee of $120 per hour
• Items that contain over 35 stones
• Multi-stone straight or tapered baguette jewelry
• Pieces that may take extra time to research

Appraisal Updates on items we have previously appraised - $29 per item

If traveling to your location, a minimum fee of $50 or $1.00 per mile (roundtrip), which ever is greater.

Payment is due at the time of the appointment. For large appraisals, half the estimated fee is due at the appointment and the balance is due when the written appraisal is complete. We accept major credit cards, cash, check and Paypal.

At our appointment all the information about your item(s) is collected and the pricing and final appraisal work are done within 4 - 5 business days.

The process of evaluating your jewelry contain many steps which include the following:

• Detailed descriptions of the jewelry item
• Cleaning the jewelry as needed
• Gold testing
• Quality analysis of clarity, cut and color on stones
• Calculating gem weight based on measurements
• Totaling gem carat weight
• Physical dimensions of items
• Natural or synthetic origins
• Treatments used on gems
• Construction of piece
• Rarity of item
• Overall condition and wear
• Color photos

Gem Appraisers is not liable for resetting any gem stones that fall out in the ultrasonic cleaner while the jewelry is being cleaned.


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